Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week Three -- February 29th -- iPad Project

Overview before the week;

This week was a major eye-opener for me in this project. Jay* asked me way he had to switch between applications, and honestly I did not have a great answer for his question. It was easy for me to see that once he enjoyed one application, he did not want to move on to another. This made me think about changing my original plan for using two applications a week, to just one. This way he can enjoy that one application, and use the other ones later when we review a topic.


This week Jay* worked on his Writing/Tracing skills using the ABC Sight Words Writing.

This app needed more of my assistance in the way it was set up. Due to being the free and basic version, it has limited amount of sight words to trace over. The app opens up to the first word and you need to trace it. On the left side it where you can scroll through the list of words and move onto the next one. This is where I needed to instruct Jay*. Also this app does not have sound. I wish it would read the word aloud before you were to trace it. I would read the word to Jay* and he would trace, and then we would move on to the next one. I would rate this app a 2 and probably not reuse it. I wanted to see how Jay* did with this skill but he seemed bored and frustrated.

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