Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week Five -- March 21st -- iPad Project

Overview before the week;

These coming weeks will be the repeat process of practicing certain skills. This week will be the first time repeating his ABC's. I will continue using one application per week. Jay* is back at home in his own house and will be able to have a full time of using his own iPad for this application.


This week Jay* worked on his ABC's skills using the ABC Jungle Words for preschoolers.

This application works on the identification of words and pictures. This is more then just ABC's but it is great practice for him to identify the beginning letters of these words and what the words look like in correspondence to the object. The application gives your a bunch of squares and the user needs to match them. Not until you match them correctly does it say the word or image. At the beginning of using this application, I would read the word to Jay*, after practice, he started working on his own and truly working on looking at the beginning letter and looking at the images. I would give this app 3 stars. It was good, but still not as entertaining for Jay* as I would have hoped. 

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