Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week Seven -- April 4th -- iPad Project

Overview before the week;

This coming week we will focus on writing and tracing again with Jay*. It is easy to see that Jay* knows his ABC's by singing the song, but we want to continue working on his skill of writing the letters and knowing what they look like.


This week Jay* worked on his counting skills using the EduKitty ABC.

This application works on ABC's but also tracing. We used this app for the tracing feature it has. It lets the student choose between upper case and lower case. It shows you the letter and once you trace it, it adds it to your own dashboard with all your writing. This is great because it shows Jay's* work all collected, and it shows him that he can write out his ABC's all by himself. I would rate this a 4 stars, because the tracing is great, but there is also more games in the app that we could further use.

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