Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week Four -- March 14th -- iPad Project

Overview before the week;

I am going to continue working with one application a week. This weeks struggle will be seeing how Jay* acts differently when he is staying at his grandparents for the week. His parents are gone on vacation and I will be nannying him at the grandparents house instead. I know that they do not enjoy when their grandkids rely on their iPads for entertained, so I will need to speak to them prior to implementing the new application this week.


This week Jay* worked on his Shapes skills using the App: Smart Baby Shapes Lite.

This application was simple in the way it worked on shapes and colors. Jay* seemed to like it, however it become repetitive. There are three different types of games within the application itself, as well as levels per game. Explaining the levels to Jay* made him eager to move on to the next one to keep going. The games were focused on colors, shapes, and sizes. Overall I liked this application, and would reuse to for review for Jay*. I would rate this application as 4 stars. 

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