Monday, February 15, 2016

iPad Project - What will these 8 weeks look like?

Over the course of 8 weeks, I will be incorporating the use of iPads with one of the kids I nanny. The family I am currently nannying for is a Swedish family who wants me to not only care for her children while they are at work, but provide them with the resources and knowledge they will need before transitioning into full time schools. My overall focus with the children is making sure they are continuing to learn not only English, but Swedish as well. The little boy I will be working with over the course of these 8 weeks is 4 years old and of course very energetic.

Jay* is currently at a Montessori school and will be transitioning into a Kindergarten classroom next year. Looking at the NC common core for Kindergarten will be my first plan of action, and break down the knowledge he should start working on.

My initial plan for Jay* will be to break each week down into a topic, and work on two iPad applications per week. Due to his age and short attention span to finish any task, I have planned to use one more educational application, and one more game inspired application; but both will be focused on the same topic.

Week One; ABC's
Week Two; Counting
Week Three; Writing/Tracing
Week Four; Shapes/Colors

Instead of moving on from these topics, I have decided I will repeat this order of topics for the following next 4 weeks-- however use different applications. This way Jay* gets more exposure to the topics, and also a different application to learn and use. This will also give me an opportunity to see if he has grasped these concepts, or have struggled to remember them with having a couple weeks in between.

My previous and most recent teaching opportunity was at a middle school, thus this project and 8 week reflection will be interesting and exciting to get out of my comfort zone. I am excited to see how Jay* handles the activities on the iPad, and to see if he will continue to want to use them in the future.

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